General Instruction

Rules of Discipline

1. School will not be responsible for the loss of the personal property brought by pupils.

2. Students will refrain from doing any damage to the school property (Furniture, fans, switchboard, tube-light, bulbs etc.)

3. Students failing to appear in a test will be marked absent. No re-test will be given and no position will be given in the final assessment.

4. No student will be allowed to go away from school during school hours without previous written application from parents stating the reason which must be a serious one.

5. The schools reserve the right to compel the parents to withdraw their children if the progress is unsatisfactory or their conduct is harmful to other children.

6. Students must come to class with the lesson well prepared and home-work completed.
7. The school diary should be brought daily to school.

8. The entire student should be neatly dressed. They are expected to come daily in school uniforms.

Examination and Promotion Rules

• Promotion is based on the day-to-day work of the students throughout the year and also on the performance in the Formative/ Summative Assessment.

• Performance of the students will be evaluated through continuous and comprehensive evaluation which is a process to provide holistic profile of the student through regular assessment of both scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of development over the total span of learning time.

• Co-scholastic areas include life skills, attitude and values, literacy and creative skills, scientific skills, aesthetic skills and health and physical education.

• HPER, Work Experience, Environmental Education and Art Education are important subjects. So, detention in these subjects will lead to total detention in the class.

• Subjects opted for Art Education/ Music/ Dance/ Painting and 2nd Language is not alterable.

• Attendance in all the tests is compulsory. Any absence from the Formative/ Summative Assessment should be substantiated with valid reason.

• There shall be regular Formative & Summative assessment for Std-III to X and due weightage of the Formative and Summative Assessment will be taken into consideration for promotion to the higher class.

• Students of Std-XI and XII should secure minimum 33% marks, in each subject (in theory and practical separately) in Half Yearly Examination and 75% attendance to be eligible for filling up forms for Board Exam.

• Results once declared by the Academic Committee shall be final and binding by all.

As per CBSE Guidelines it is compulsory for a student to appear in both the Summative Assessment (SA1 & SA2) and obtain at least 25% marks in the Summative Assessments (Both SA1 & SA2 taken together) to be eligible to qualify for the promotion to next class. (Total 33% in each of the subjects of scholastic areas i.e. from FA1 to SA2 taken all together.)

Lastly we invite suggestions, complaints and relevant criticism, not only from parents/guardians, but from all and give it a quick response with corrective measures.