We have separate hostels for boys and girls. Our aim is overall positive development of the inmates in a home away from home. The admission to hostel is from class LKG to XI. The hostel provides two vegetarian meals, 3 breakfasts & fruit and milk with changed menu everyday under the strict quality control and supervision of a senior lady member of the ‘Board of Directors’ of the school. Its impact bears a motherly touch to all the preparations and management in the hostel mess. The food given is not only balanced, fresh and nutritious but belongs to the rich Indian cuisine tradition. Chinese dishes are also served regularly. During festivals festive dishes are served.

Time management at hostel is another important aspect to make the hostel life meaningful and purpose oriented. So, every moment is utilized, keeping in mind convenience and development of the inmates. So, a child plays and enjoys well, yet there is enough time to read.

The hostel building is one among the best in Varanasi Lush green trees and lawns, beds of roses and hedges on either sides of the macadamized pass ways in this high security zone are worth visit.

On all working days, apart from school hours, classes are held at the hostel in the evening. The lessons taught at the school are revised and home-work and other problems arising in different subjects to different inmates are solved individually and if necessary, collectively by teaches of the school in four periods of 45 minutes each. Special body language, communicational skills and moral boosting classes are held every afternoon (except on weekends) by teachers, so that a balanced personality with positive inclination of the inmates, be groomed.

India, being a multi-racial and multi-faith society needs mutual co-operation, co-existence and tolerance for her survival and development. Hostels are its workshops wherefrom basic ingredients for a pluralistic society come forth. A hostler is trained to be responsible, self alert, cooperative, punctual, honest, friendly and self disciplined parsimonious, liberal and compassionate. All these help in making a healthy society.

Affordability is our concern. We keep in mind the financial constrained people in general have and our hostel fees are as low as possible in imparting quality education & lodging etc to alleviate burden faced by the parents/guardians. All this, on the other face of the coin, gives a puritan approach to the whole affairs.

At dawn the hostel activities being with washing, yoga and meditation and up to the bed time, they have an interesting schedule. As such, a large number of our former hostlers are doing well, due to better time management, in their respective fields of choice.

Psychologists, counselors and veteran educationists are often invited to motivate students against adolescence, aberrations and personal juvenile apprehensions to put the student`s mind on right track.

Besides, these, by our observation based corrective measures, we set in minds of our students’ seculars & pluralistic approach; vital for survival we celebrated festivals of all faiths with equal fervor & zeal. Scholars, on these occasions are invited for ethical teachings and emboldening cardinal values. Team spirit, togetherness, rather unity and classlessness are the founding teachings of a hostel life. So it is advisable for a student to experience a part of life in a good hostel and be trimmed up to the mark.