Games & Sports

Games & Sports are indispensable part of our school curriculum. Facilities for different games and sports, both in-door and out-door are available here. Few schools, therefore, match us in games and sports competition in Varanasi. We have a glorious athletics achievement track-record. A large number of participants from our school have won gold, silver, bronze medals and certificates and trophies of excellence a number of times. We have, besides football playgrounds, infra-structure for cricket badminton, volleyball, basketball, tennis, sprinting race tracks for 4x400 relay races, and arena for judo Karate. Proposals of aquatic games are under active consideration and its infra-structure will be translated into reality very shortly. Recently the first zonal Karate Do Championship was held at the school, in which a lion`s share of gold, silver and bronze was won by our boys and girls from among tough participants of almost all districts of eastern U.P.

Years ago ‘Raj Rifle Club’ was inaugurated by the Superintendent of Police, Varanasi. This club holds afternoon practice sessions everyday at the School shooting range under a veteran coach of Kashi Air Rifle Club to prepare our students for state and national level shooting championship and future militia purpose.